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The city's official nickname is the "Hardware City" because of its history as a manufacturing center and as the headquarters of Stanley Works. Because of its large Polish population, the city is sometimes playfully referred to as "New Britski." It is also often referred to as "Hard Hittin' New Britain" - affectionately by its residents because of its popular high school football team.

New Britain has the largest Polish population of any city in Connecticut with many residents considering the city's Broad Street community as its heart. Affectionately referred to as "Little Poland", the neighborhood has been home to an exceedingly large number of Polish businesses and families since 1890. In recent years, the Polish community has been credited with revitalizing the area both culturally and economically.

Whether it be getting legal advice, sending a letter, getting a haircut, or setting up an IRA account, visitors to Broad Street can conduct their days business entirely in Polish. Within the span of a few blocks, the Polish District boasts its own contracted U.S. Post office, both national and regional banks, several travel agencies, 2 European day spas, hair salons, restaurants, delis, European cafes, grocery stores, jewelers, three Polish language newspapers, a television station, and one of only a few New England law firms that can offer legal consultations entirely in Polish. In 2006, the Hartford based law firm of Podorowsky, Thompson & Baron opened a unique regional office in the heart of "Little Poland" at the behest of local business leaders. With roots traced to 1940, the firm's legal staff includes attorney David L. Thompson, son of former Wisconsin Attorney General George Thompson (1963-1965) and attorney Adrian Baron, a former aide to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

New Britain was settled in 1687 and was incorporated as a parish under the name New Britain Society in 1754. Chartered in 1850 as a township and in 1871 as a city, New Britain was separated from the nearby town of Berlin, Connecticut. A consolidation charter was adopted in 1905.

During the early part of the 20th century, New Britain was known as the "Hardware Capital of the World," as well as "Hardware City." Major manufacturers, such as The Stanley Works, Corbin Locks and North & Judd, were headquartered in the city.

In 1843 Frederick Trent Stanley established Stanley's Bolt Manufactory in New Britain to make door bolts and other wrought-iron hardware. In 1857 his cousin Henry Stanley and founded The Stanley Rule and Level Company in the city. Planes invented by Leonard Bailey and manufactured by the Stanley Rule and Level Company, known as "Stanley/Bailey" planes, were prized by woodworkers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and remain popular among wood craftsmen today. The two companies merged in 1920, and the Stanley Rule and Level Company became the Hand Tools Division of Stanley Works.

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